Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam
American Pilgrims


Thursday, May 8, 2014


We are not doing the mountain! We figured, why chance it. It will be there next time.  Should I add a tehe here?

Helen Belletti, from American Pilgrims Facebook, suggested we start at Roncesvalles, so that’s it!  It's on the down side of the mountain, which can some times be worse than the up side.  Not sure what time of day we will be getting in so no start date. We will miss the Auberage Orisson that people talk about. So, that is kind of sad.  It's located on the map on the "up side".

An Auberage, for those unfamiliar with the word, is where we will be spending the nights, a hostel.
There are different categories and I'm looking forward to seeing all types.  I've heard of large rooms with 100 beds in a row.  And lots of snoring.

One thing I’ve learned about this walk is the carrying of a stone:

“Pilgrims from all over carry a stone with them as they start out and when they get to the iron cross (crucifix) at La Cruz de Ferro, they say their prayer and leave their stone on the hill of rocks. It is believed that we carry the stone with us and all our losses, sins, pain, sorrows, weaknesses, insecurities, unanswered prayers, etc., are symbolically embedded within it during the walk. By leaving it behind in La Cruz de Ferro, we shed those things we no longer need to "carry" through life.”

I like the sound of this.  Jim and I went to Del Mar and picked up our stones.
I know, they aren't big. Gotta keep things light.  My backpack only weighs 10 pounds.


  1. When do you head out? I leave tomorrow and will start my walk on May 14th. I am envious of your pack weight. Thank you for reminding me of the stone!

  2. Patricia, we fly from LAX on 5-12. Excited!

  3. Have a blessed walk, make many lasting memories to share. You both will be missed by all your family and friends. Stay safe and fun travels!!!
    Too bad y'all's stones weren't big enough to write everyone's name on, lol